Fields of Specialisation, Output & Software

Having translated from Greek into English professionally for over 45 years, I cannot think of many subjects that I have not translated the texts of but the majority of the texts that I have translated relate to the following: 

  • Legislation covering tourism, the environment, renewable energy, waste management and recycling, gambling, food hygiene, the marketing of chemical products and pharmaceuticals, the importation and rearing of livestock, telecommunications, the marketing of motor vehicles and taxation.

  • Law, case law, contracts, company law and commercial law.

  • Articles of association and company mergers.

  • Legal disputes covering virtually every type of disagreement imaginable.

  • Police reports covering accidents, crimes and extradition.

  • Banking and finance.

  • Financial reports, balance sheets, tax returns and accounts.

  • Insurance.

  • Property sale and leasing.

  • Travel and tourism.

  • History and archaeology.

  • Advertising, marketing, commerce, international trade, logistics, transport and shipping.

  • Marketing authorisations of chemical and pharmaceutical products and of all documents and studies relating to their acquisition and renewals.

  • Medical histories of patients intending to travel abroad for treatment or surgery and results of medical examinations, post-mortems and accident injury reports.

  • Correspondence and texts related to clinical trials of medications and medical devices.

  • Livestock production and agriculture.

  • Brochures, leaflets, labels and websites for a very wide range of products and services.

  • Press releases and newsletters.

  • Birth, marriage, divorce, death and baptism certificates.

  • Licences and permits of virtually any description.

  • Educational qualifications and curricula vitae.

Details of the types of translations that I have been doing both recently and in the past are given under the Translation History tab.

Although I am capable of translating 3,000 words per day, I prefer not to exceed more than a maximum of 2,000 words per day, because I always like to leave time spare so as to be able handle any urgent requirements of regular customers who prefer that I do their translations for them.

For projects that exceed my daily translation capability, I cooperate with other British translators who I know and trust and, together, we are usually able to translate up to 10,000 words in 24 hours or up to 50,000 words per week.

The software I have includes: SDL Trados Studio Freelance 2019, Adobe Acrobat Professional XI, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, ABBYY Fine Reader Professional, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Publisher, Perfectit Pro 3 and ProWritingAid Pro.