Translation History

I have spent most of the past 48 months translating texts relating to legislation, contracts, court cases,¬†articles of association, tenders and clinical trials. These projects have included over 65,000 words of an ongoing legal dispute between a well-known multi-national software company and the Greek taxation authorities, over 35,000 words of new environmental protection legislation, 47,500 words of electronic gaming legislation, over 37,000 words of waste management legislation, nearly 45,000 words of a contract for the construction of a new airport, slightly more than 20,000 words of a company merger, over 20,000 words of football related disputes, 17,000 words of shipowner disputes and many other smaller projects. I also participated in the translation of a book on the Antikythera shipwreck and mechanism, both by translating some chapters myself and by proofreading the translations of chapters translated by engineers, translated over 60,000 words on the causes of Greece's present financial crisis, over 20,000 words on the reorganisation of the Athens National Gardens, edited over 130,000 words of “Wellness” texts,¬†translated a catalogue of high value watches and numerous articles on well-known authors, photographers, playwrights and painters.

Over the previous year, the key projects that I had worked on had included back translations of pharmaceutical product marketing authorizations, a 100 page Microsoft Visio presentation with a total of over 2,000 brief but highly technical captions on the organization of the Cyprus Ports Authority, new Greek health and safety legislation for electrical and electronic equipment and hazardous chemicals, the Greek legislation governing mobile telephony, Greek taxation legislation, Greek vehicle type approval accreditation legislation, prisoner extradition documents, court cases and legal disputes, case law, countless birth, marriage, divorce, death and baptism certificates and numerous press releases of large companies, banks and political parties.

Prior to 2012, I mainly undertook translations of legislation, contracts, court proceedings and technical texts relating to the fields of activity that I was involved in as the managing shareholder of a Greek company importing and marketing breeding stock and veterinary health and industrial hygiene products for the people and companies that my company was associated with. This previous experience included:

  • Translation of Greek legislation relating to the ownership and operation of hotels, restaurants, catering establishments and travel agencies whilst employed by the UK office of the Hellenic Ministry of Tourism between 1972 and 1974 (Greek into English).
  • Frequently translating and interpreting for veterinarians, agriculturalists and farmers visiting the United Kingdom, Belgium, Holland, France and Italy for the selection of livestock for rearing and breeding (Greek into English).
  • Regularly translating all amendments to all Greek legislation governing and controlling the manufacture, storage, sale and use of all chemical products used for disinfection, cleaning and hygiene in every market sector (Greek into English).
  • Translations of the leaflets, brochures, product labels, specification sheets, health and safety data sheets of UK manufacturers of specialised cleaning and hygiene chemicals (English into Greek).
  • Translations of a variety of marketing material for a very wide range of specialised agricultural and industrial products (English into Greek).
  • Translations of instruction manuals and hygiene programmes for industrial products and chemicals (English into Greek).
  • Translations of marketing authorisations of chemical and pharmaceutical products (Greek into English).