Rates, Payment Terms & Confidentiality

You will find that my rates are very competitive for their standard of quality.

They naturally vary according to the nature of the text, the degree and complexity of the formatting that is required and the speed that they are wanted by, but on average my prices for translations range from GBP 0.05 to GBP 0.07 (0.06 to 0.084 euros) per Greek word.

My prices for all other services are equally reasonable and depend mainly on the amount of time that they are likely to take me.

I usually require payment from a translation agency within 45 days and my payment terms to direct customers depend upon how well I know them, but may involve payment of a reasonable proportion of the expected cost in advance and the remainder as we should agree.

I take privacy seriously.  I naturally understand the importance of your confidentiality and assure you that all of the information that you shared with me (verbally or written) will not be disclosed, loaned, sold, traded, or otherwise transferred to any third parties other than to my known and trusted associates. I am also willing to sign non-disclosure agreements whenever these are required.